Here are some of the things we have read and are reading on the trip.

Recommendations are appreciated if you have any.

Lord of the Flies (with David)                      William Golding
White Fang                                                     Jack London
A Tale of Two Cities (as family)                   Charles Dickens
War of the Worlds                                        H.G. Wells
Short stories                                                   Edgar Allen Poe
The Sea of Monsters
Titan’s Curse
Deltora Series
All quiet on the Western front                   Erich Maria Remarque
Stormbreaker                                         Anthony Horowitz

Point Blanc                                            Anthony Horowitz

skeleton Key                                         Anthony Horowitz

Eagle Strike                                           Anthony Horowitz

Scorpio                                                 Anthony Horowitz

Ark Angel                                               Anthony Horowitz 

The Amulet of Samarkand(audiobook)    Johnathan Stroud
The Golemns Eye (audiobook)                    Johnathan Stroud
Ptolomey’s Gate (audiobook)                     Johnathan Stroud
The Chaos Code (audiobook)

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer                 Mark Twain

Tales of Great Escapes                              Various Authors

Surviving the Applewhites                      Stephanie s Tolan
Boy Soldier                                 Andy McNabb
Payback                                      Andy McNabb
Avenger                                     andy McNabb
Julius Caesar                             William Shakespeare
Lives (Caesar chapter)             Plutarch
White Fang (with David)                                Jack London
A Tale of Two cities (as family)                    Charles Dickens
The Lightning Thief
The Sea of Monsters
Titan’s curse
Among the Hidden
The Chronicles of Narnia                               C.S. Lewis

Stormbreaker                                            Anthony Horowitz

Point Blanc                                                 Anthony Horowitz

Skeleton Key                                            Anthony Horowitz

Adventures of Tom Sawyer                         Mark Twain

Snakehead                                 Anthony Horowitz
Ark Angel                                     Anthony Horowitz

Surviving the Applewhites             Stephanie Tolan          
A world lit only by Fire (audiobook)           William Manchester
Life of Pi                                                             Yan Martel
Earworms Rapid Italian Vol 1 and 2 (audiobook)
The Diana Chronicles (audiobook. By Tina Brown. Impossibly pompous, could not finish)
Leonardo Da Vinci flights of the mind          Charles Nicholl
God is not Great                                               Christopher Hitchens
Earworms Rapid Japanese (audiobook)
The Places in between (audiobook)             Rory Stewart
Shadow of the silk Road (audiobook)           Colin Thubron
The Story of India                                            Michael Wood

Einstein (audiobook)                                  Walter Isaacson

A short History of New Zealand                   Gordon McLauchlan

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer                 Mark Twain

My Invented Country                   Isabelle Allende

Charlie Wilson's War                       George Crile

Strange Pilgrims (short stories)         Gabrielle Garcia Marquez

Julius Caeasar                                 William Shakespeare

Discoveries, The voyages of Captain cook

Surviving the Applewhites                Stephanie Tolan            
The Other Boleyn Girl                                     Philippa Gregory
The Queen’s fool                                              Phillippa Gregory
The Virgin’s Lover                                            Phillippa Gregory
The Girl with the Pearl Earring
The Red Tent
Ahab’s Wife                                                      Sena Jeter Naslund
A Thousand Splendid Suns                              Khaled Husseini
Life of PI                                                             Yan Martel
The painted Veil                                               Somerset Maugham
Shantaram (“best book I ever read”)           Gregory David Roberts
Thirteen Moons                                                              Charles Frazier
Across Five Aprils                                             Irene Hunt
The Second Son
Shalimar the Clown                                         Salman Rushdie

Eat, Pray, Love                               Elizabeth Gilbert
Nature Girl                                   Carl Hiassen
Junie B Jones                                                   Barbara Park
Junie B Jones first grader
Junie B. Jones Boss of Lunch
Junie B. Jones loves Handsome Warren’
Junie B. Jones Almost a flower Girl
Junie B. Jones is a Beauty Shop guy
Tale of Two cities                                              Charles Dickens

the Adventures of Tom Sawyer                            Mark Twain

Surviving the Applewhites                                    Stephanie Tolan

Junie B. Jones Shipwrecked                               Barbara Park
Junie b. Jones and theYucky Blucky Fruitcake                Barbara park
Junie B. Jones Smells something Fishy         Barbara Park
Junie B. Jones is a Graduation Girl          Barbara Park