Trip Itinerary
May 31 2007 : Depart Mesa arrive Woods Canyon Lake Arizona
June 2007
1-2     Woods Canyon Lake Arizona
3-4   Ignacio Colorado
5    Ouray, Colorado
6-8   Carbondale, Colorado
9    Delta, Utah
10 Lee Vining, California
11-14 Yosemite, California
15-16 Folsom California
17-21 Rafting the Rogue River near Medford, Oregon
21-22 Medford, Oregon
23-24 Crescent City California
25-26 Florence, Oregon
27    Astoria, Oregon
28   Port Angeles, Washington
29-July 1   Seattle, Washington
July 2007
2 Coeur d’alene Idaho
3-6 Rexburg, Idaho
7-8 Jackson, Wyoming/ Grand Teton National Park
9    Henry Lake Idaho/ Yellowstone National Park
10 Buffalo Wyoming
11 Rushmore, South Dakota
12   Sioux City, South Dakota
13 Des Moines, Iowa
14-17 Wheaton, Illinois
18 Plainfield, Indiana
19-25 St. Louis, Mo.
26 Nashville, Tennessee
27-29 Knoxville, Tennessee
30   Lexington, Kentucky
August 2007
July 31-August 3             Plainfield, Indiana
4-6   Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania
7-8 Cook’s Forest Pennsylvania
9-10 Erie, Pennsylvania
11 Sandusky, Ohio
12 Erie Pennsylvania
13-14 Cooperstown, New York
15 Montreal, Canada
16-17 Quebec City, Canada
18 Skowhegan, Maine
19-20 Freeport, Maine
21-23   Waterford, Vermont
24-27 Essex Junction, Vermont
28-31 Waterford, Vermont
September 2007
1st West Point New York
2-3 Manasquan New Jersey
4 Trenton, New Jersey
5-11 New York, New York
12-15 London, England
16-17 York, England
18 Stratford Upon Avon, England
19-21 Bath, England
22 London, England
23 Arusha, Tanzania
24-30 Safari: Lake Manyara, Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Torangarie NP
October 2007
1-5 Zanzibar, Tanzania
6-7 Dubai, U.A.E.
8-12 Paris, France
13-15 Maisy Grande Camp (Normandy) France
16-18 Loire Valley, France
19 Dijon, France
20-26 Dormoletto, Italy
27-30 Rome, Italy
November 2007
Oct 31- Nov6    Massa Lubrensa, Italy
 7   Rome, Italy
8-10 Venice, Italy
11-12 Postojna, Slovenia
13-14 Llubjana, Slovenia
15-20 Istanbul, Turkey
21 Cannakale, Turkey
22 Istanbul, Turkey
23-29 Bodrum, Turkey
December 2007
November 20- December 6 Urgup, Turkey
7-9 Bangalor, India
10-12 Trivandrum, India (Varkala Beach)
13-14 Kerala Backwater Cruise
15-17 Cochin, India
18-20 Mysore, India
21-22 Dubyar Elephant Sanctuary
23-26 Mysore, India
27-January 1   Bangkok, Thailand
January, 2008
2 Kanchanaburi, Thailand
3 Bangkok, Thailand
4-7 Chiang Mai, Thailand
8 Pha Thon, Thailand
9 Chiang Rai, Thailand
10 Chiang Saen, Thailand
11 Chiang Mai, Thailand
12-18   Railay Beach, Thailand (Krabi Province)
19-20 Phuket, Thailand
21-22 Kyoto, Japan
23-24 Hakuba, Japan
25-26 Tsuruga City, Japan
27-29 Kyoto, Japan
February, 2008
Jan 30-Feb 3 Caloundra, Australia
4 Brisbane
5-6 Byron Bay
7 Dorrigo National Park
8-9 Armidale
10 Warrambungle, National park
11 Dubbo
12 Cowra
13 Canberra
14-15 Mt. Kosciusku
16 Lakes Entrance, Victoria Australia
17-19 Melbourne, Australia
20-21 Hobart, Tasmania
22-23 Bruny Island, Tasmania
24 Hobart, Tasmania
25 Eagles Neck, Tasmania
26 Coles Bay, Tasmania (on Freycinet Peninsula)
27 Hobart, Tasmania
28 Auckland, New Zealand
March 2008
Feb 29-March 2 Taupo, New Zealand
3-4 Rotoruara New Zealand
5-6 Mercury Bay
7 Palmerston North
8-9 Wellington
10 Kaikuru
11-12 Rangiora
13 Wanaka
14-15 Te Anu
16-18 Backpacking on the Routeburn Track
19 Twizel
20-21 Christchurch
22 Auckland
23 Auckland NZ/ Buenos Aires Argentina
24-26 Buenos Aires Argentina
April 2008
27March-April 12 Bariloche, Argentina
13 Perito Moreno, Argentina
14-16 El Chalten, Argentina
17-20 El Calafate, Argentina
21-24 Puerto Natales, Chile
25-28 Navimag Ferry through Chilean Fiords from Puerto Natales to Puerto Mont
29-30 Ancud, Chiloe Island, Chile
May 2008
1st Cucao, Chiloe Island, Chile
2 Ancud
3-6 Puerto Varas, Chile
7-11 Pucon, Chile
12 Puerto Varas
13 Travel Puerto Mont to Atlanta
14 Mesa Arizona


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 Iceland April 2012:

April 5:  Up at 0330.  Fly Southwest to Chicago then to Boston.  Long layover in Boston. Eat at The Earl of Sandwich and also at Sbarro's.  meet nice lady in bar who is going to see her daughter in Padua italy.  Cramped flight to Iceland (Keflavik International Airport) Cami watches Planet of the Apes on plane. Arrive 0630 keflavik. Buy Sim card, go to ATM.  

April 6 (Friday):Take shuttle to Northern lights inn. Sleep from 8am until 1pm. Go to Blue Lagoon.  Jill and Cami get spa treatments.  Go to steam rooms etc.  relax in relaxation room. Have dinner of grilled cheese, hot dogs. Icelandic yogurt (drykkur) first taste of Icelandic prices.  

April 7 (Saturday):  Take bus to Guesthouse Sunna. Very volcanic drive.  Go to Hallgrimskirkja (big church).  Walk down near bay.  Go to Setlement Museum (very cool)

April 8 Easter Sunday:  Pick up rental car-toyota Landcruiser.  Go to Mass at Reykjavik Cathedral.

April 9: Dogsledding day.  Owners Siggy and Clara.  Our helpers Johanne (France) and ???.  Help hook dogs to sled, go out for  dog run then have lunch of skinka and osta in ski hut. The ski place had been closed for years but this year had enough sun. Dogs on our sled:  Jetts, jasper, Jake, Frosty, Freddy, ?  and  ?

April 10:  Leave for Skaftafell National Park. Beautiful glaciers. Stay in little cabins  ---------. Hike to famous waterfall --------------.  

April 11: Drive to Jokulsarlon. Beautiful glacial lake with seals.  Ice floes all the way out to ocean. Then drive on for lunch in Hofn. Then continue on route 1 and drive across route 936. Stuck on top.  Call "112" rescued by Icelandic EMS names ----------- and ------------.  Stay in guesthouse -------------.  Joe and i go back to get the car

April 12: Drive to Seydisfordjour (?sp) then back to ---------- where we had lunch at Subway ($23) up all eastfjord towns. Long day in car. Dinner in Hofn (Skinka and Ostur).  Drive all the way back to Reykjavik get in late at night . stay in studio apts 3 and 4

April 13:  Golden triangle:  Pingviller, Strokker, Gulfoss. then to eat Viking food. tommy eats Ram testicles, sheep head, haggis, shark, whale and Black death return home late

April 14: Souvenir day: Try to go to Rick James peninsula but no puffins. Go to flea market, buy souvenirs, try to go to pool but nowhere to park-way too crowded. Then go by movie theatre where hunger games was playing. return home write postcards.