When he saw this picture, Tommy asked 'Do you think this is foreshadowing?'
When he saw this picture, Tommy asked "Do you think this is foreshadowing?"
These are unforgettable moments in the trip, written here so we don't forget them:

June 6, Ouray Colorado.  After leaving the naturally heated pool then riding on a "spinning ride" Cami said:  "this has got to be the best day of my life, going to the pool , then going on the spinny thing"

June 9, Glenwood Springs Colorado.  After leaving the Glenwood Springs natural hot springs pool, Tommy Boesch informed us all that "a hot pool means hot chicks"

June 12 Yosemite.  After a long hike and terrible bugs, Joey loses his brand new Keen Sandal.  We finish the hike 2 days later, hitch hike to a store in Tolueme meadows (which is closed).  There is Joey's shoe hanging from a bulletin board!

June 20.  Neely (see below) convinces everyone in her raft including Jill* that there are monkeys living in the Madrone trees along the side of the river.  (*there is a good reason for why I fell for this tale!!) ( Special thanks to my dear beloved for posting this with out my knowledge!!)

June 27th Crescent City California K.O.A. David is trying to work out using a giant rubber band.   this is wrapped around a wooden post and when he leans forward and brings his hands together the post flies out of the ground and smacks him on the back of the leg-making it so that he gets a big bruise and is limping for several days. 

July 31 on a sweltering hot day in Knoxville TN at a track meet where there were mostly black people, Jill tries to prepare the kids for future travel woes by  telling them kind of loudly because we were all spread out,   "This is exactly what Africa is going to be like.....hot and humid"

August 1 at Bill and Judy's house in Plainfield Indiana, Uncle bill points out 5 baby bunnies that are in a hole in the front yard.  the kids check on them at least twice a day and by the time we are ready to leave, the bunnies have all gotten big enough to leave the hole and go out on their own

August 9, 2007.  Cami asked "what is good at this restaurant:" David answered "possum". Cami said "oh, does that taste as good as unicorn?"

August 13 2007- after a sign saying we are in Amish country Cami asked "What are Amishes?".  Later that day, the kids came running to the camper yelling "the Amish are coming, the Amish are coming"

September: We plugged our $50 surge protector into the outlet in Zanzibar , after 3 minutes it started to smoke and then caught on fire!

Monday December 11, 2007
we watched a snake charmer who suypposedly got bit 20 times a day.  when dad asked why he wasnt dead his friend answered "he milks the snakes venom.....if he didnt he would be dead 20 times a day." first really eye opening thing in India excluding the poverty. photos soon

November 28th
In Turkey, pictures of Ataturk are everywhere.  I asked cami "who is that?" she responded.  "um, .....Hitler?"

December 7, Bangalore India:  Tommy was plugging something in with the back off of it and got shocked with 220 volts (Joey calls that "culture shock")

December 11, Varkala India:  While swimming on the beach, we noticed dolphin fins, when a dolphin jumped 6 feet out of the water and did a flip, landing on it's tail

December 25:  Mass at St. Philomena, where Muslims and Hindus joined christians to celebrate and acknowledge the birth of Christ

January 5: Chiang Mai Thailand while watching the movie "Bridge over the River Kwai" tommy said:  "I hope  this movie is going to be like The Good, The Bad and the Ugly" where there are more gunshots than words.

January 15:  On the way to snorkeling Tommy said "Dad, I don't want to sound like a hippie or anything, but we should probably be careful not to damage the coral"

January 15: Railay Bay thailand.  While snorkeling on Tommy's birthday we ran into a group of 3 speedo wearing, spear fishing Germans.  Joey noticed a large eel:  One of them said "Yaaa, that's very dangerous, but dont worry I have a big gun"

January 16:  While eating pizza Jill was asking Cami math questions.  "If there were two pieces and you ate one, what would be left"  Cami "a twoth?"  Jill "I think you mean a half"