Incredible India
Transcribed April 16
            I could not stand some things about India. It was so, so, so dirty and polluted.
 I immediately hated Delhi and I only spent two hours there. It was so polluted you could smell the pollution, taste the pollution and even see the pollution. 
Bangalore, I liked Bangalore, but I soon learned that it was as polluted as Dheli. I thought it was a good place to go Christmas shopping or at least a better place than Dheli. I played basketball with a kid on a court outside our hotel and he wasn’t bad at it. I didn’t do well because I didn’t play the sport for 6 months because our travels got in the way.
In Bangalore, you could say there was electricity in the air. I plugged something in and got shocked by 220 volts. I think the only pain that could be worse than that would be a higher number of volts. This is what it felt like; there was a buzz and pure pain shot up my fingers then I couldn’t feel any part of my body, then every bone in my body started tingling followed by pure pain. Also when you wake up in the morning you feel the tingle you get when you were shocked the night before. When I was shocked I cried for 2 reasons; Because I thought “I’m done for I’m not going to get to see the rest of the world, I have to die in this God forsaken place and when I am dead my brother and sister will be furious  because I ended the trip”. The second reason I was crying was because it hurt so, so , so , so so, so , so , so , so , so, so , so bad. I was lucky I survived.
Varcalla,, or as I like to call it Varcallaaaaaah! Our hotel was more a hut. It  had dirt floors and Joey and I saw a lizard on the wall. The family went swimming on the beach and sometimes we rented boogey boards. This is what the guy who let us rent the boogey boards said, “you only want one boogey board, not 2?” “Just one” said dad. “Not 2” said the guy” “only one” dad said. “So not 2?” said the guy ”I only want one OK” replied dad in an angry voice. The guy said “I’m so innocent” My dad said “I am innocent too, that is the one thing that we both have in common” that is all I heard but you could tell that the guy wasn’t happy that the oldest trick in the book didn’t work. The water we swam in was scary! A wave hit me and when I stood up after being knocked off my feet there was a shirt tangled around my legs and my foot was in something squishy. The same thing happened about 7 more times the rest of the week and one time I stepped on something sharp. But it was still fun when you got a narly wave with the boogey board and sometimes joey and I would go to where most of the waves would break, we would hook arms stand there and wait for the wave to hit us. Our arms came apart from each others almost every time but once we managed to keep our arms hooked but at the same time we got a shirt tangle around both of us. One day when we were done swimming there was this guy who kept saying “kiss you face, kiss your face” I hated that guy.

After that we got a cab and drove a pretty long time to a place where we would do a boat trip. the cab driver was a nice guy.  We had to put our giant suitcases on the top of the car and they almost fell off so the guy said "I go to my home get some ropes to tie bags to top of car"  When we got to the boat we started our 4 day boat trip.

It was very interesting, we saw some women doing laundry, all they really did was get a dirty shirt dip it underwater, smack the shirt on a rock then hang it up to dry.  There were also women who were giving babies baths.  There were some teenagers swimming in the river and we passed a lot of rice fields.  In the rice fields there were people harvesting the rice.  Also at night there were a bunch of mosquitoes and lizards would come and eat some 
Tommy aboard a Ferry headed for Kannakale Turkey (near Gallipolli and Troy)
Tommy aboard a Ferry headed for Kannakale Turkey (near Gallipolli and Troy)
More Turkey

The following day we took a bus to Gallipoli and Troy but only dad, Joey and I went there. There was a family of Australian people. The kids names were Simen who is seven, Tommy who is my age and Bryn who is sixteen. The drive was 4 hours and we had to take a ferry. In the middle we got lunch at a place with a horrible cafetirea. The French fries were cold but I got a cheese burger at the place that was closed.
 Once we got to the hotel we had to sign a contract and we just went up to our room which had a top bunk but Joey got it. And then we went to dinner with the Australian people we met on the bus. When we got back from dinner we watched a movie in the lobby about Gallipoli which was boring and I can hardly believe I said this but I said I wanted to go to bed. 
The next day we woke up early for breakfast. The Australian kids (Tommy) caught his toast on fire when he put it in the toaster! After breakfast we took a bus to Troy. Troy was very interesting. There were 9 cities, the first few had normal greek houses and the rest were Roman. The cities were all built on top of each other. The walls around the city were slanted and I thought that would be pretty easy to climb up but the lady said it would hold up if there was an earthquake and it got steeper when the wall went higher. There was a little ampitheatre with fallen Roman columns
                After that we took the bus to Gallipoli. We stopped at this one area with a tiny museum. In the museum there was some shrapnel, tank shells and giant wrenches. Outside of the museum there were rock seats and a podium. Joey stood at the podium and the kids sat at the seats and my brother did an impression of George Bush. He said “My fellow Americans, but I forgot the rest but it was funny.” 
After that we took the bus to the landing beaches. There was this really steep mud hill and soldiers would have to climb up it while being shot at and dad said I should try to climb up it. It was really hard and I gave up   about in the middle and my dad said “Imagine doing that while being shot at” I thought it was hard to imagine. After that we took the bus to a place with a bunch of small hills (that probably would provide a lot of cover). There were also a few tunnels that was basically a dirt wall and a hole that infantry would prone through and the tunnel that would lead to another of those. Once we left there we drove to a place with a bunch of trenches. I tried to follow all of them but there were to many turns.   The trenches were built close together so the ships with artillery guns when they fired the artillery they might hit their own soldiers. That day was Thanksgiving. That is king of a weird way to spend Thanksgiving.
 After Gallipoli and Troy we took the bus back to the Dersadet. Hotel. The following day we woke up early and mom and dad payed the hotel bill.   We told the Watt family to come to the Dersadet hotel at 9 O-clock and when they came Joey , Cami and I hung out with Bryn Tommy and Simon while mom and dad talked with Tom and Helen about what we are going to do with them in Tazmania. 
Once the Watt family left we said goodbye to all our friends at the Dersadet Hotel whose names are Deniz, Uhmet and Ahmet. 
Once wel eft the Dersadet Hotel we took a cab to the airport and flew about 1 hour to Bodrum Turkey. At the airport we rented a Honda which was very nice but small so we had to put some bags on our laps. We drove to a beautiful Villa but it was a little hard to find because they said look for a white building and almost every building there was white!
Our villa was huge they had four 1 person beds and 2 two person beds. Cami and I slept in two of the one person beds, my brother got his own 2 person bed and mom and dad slept together on a 2 person bed. They also had two 3 person couches, 2 chairs and a small bed that you couldn’t sleep on.
The day after that we slept in till 10:00 and did school. When we were done with school we walked down a hill hoping to find a swimming pool and get a feel of what the town was like. We actually found a lot of swimming pools but all of them were so green you couldn’t see the bottom of the pool.
The day after that we went to the Bodrum “museum of Underwater archaeology. There were a lot of pots from the shipwrecks, some of the pots had a handle that people would put sticks through and someone would hold one end of the stick and the other would hold the other end of the stick. The pots were huge and usually would hold wine. Also there was a 3,500 year old bronze age shipwreck. The 3,500 year old ship was Greek and they found a lot of pottery on the ship. 
The museum is actually a castle. We found a torcher chamber. There was this pretend guy chained up by his wrists. Also there was a cage but the cage was made so you couldn’t move you r arms or legs and not even you head. There was also a dungeon in the floor with pretend arms sticking out. It was spooky. The Bodrum museum was a great museum. On the way back home we saw a place called pan-pan bakery and we all got some delicious treats. I got a chocolate chip cookie. This lady screamed because some guy barely closed something and it hardly made a sound. 
The following day we drove 2 ½ hours to Ephesus. We stopped and had lunch at Mcdonalds and the drive was beautiful. We stopped to see the house of the Virgin Mary . There wasn’t much inside the house. It looked like a little chapel with an Alter. The house of the Virgin Mary was overlooking Ephesus. We drove 5 minutes down to Ephesus and on the way we saw all these ambulances and stuff like that and we had to stop and there was a limousine and a few cars ahead of us and then the limo left. We got out of our car and asked this guy what just happened and he said the guy in the limousine was Prince Charles.
                Everyone was ticked off because we didn’t get to see Princeh Charles but we had fun in Ephesus. The ruins there were amazing. There was a giant ampitheater with too many seats to count. There were also a bunch of columns and a stone platform with designs on it and a medusa’s head on top of the platform. It was really cool. My favorite part o Ephesus was the library. The entrance to the library was the best part about it. There were columns with stone platforms and columns coming out of the stone platform it did that about 3 times. Also there were designs on the stone platforms. After Ephesus which was great, we drove 2 ½ hours back to our villa and went to bed. The next day we did school. Joey started to learn Microsoft excel. When we were done with school we found a way to pass the time until bedtime and we went to sleep. The net day we drove to Gumusluk to see the ruins of Mindos. The ruins were underwater and it was high tide so we couldn’t see them. Dad was sad because there was supposed to be Mozaics in the ruins and my dad loves Mozaics.
Down to the nitty gritty this place is famous because Cassius and Brutus went there after they murdered Caesar. Also Heroditus father of history was born in Bodum. The following day we packed our bags and drove to the airport handed our rental car and took a plane to Istanbul. We had a very long layover in Istambul . We tried to mail postcards to our friends back home but we had no luck. Once the plane was ready we flew on Onur Air to Cappodocia. When we got there it was about 6 O’clock. We had a 5 dollar dinner which was delicious. Then we had a hard time finding our hotel but when we found it, it was like a maze. We also watched the good, the Bad and The Ugly.
The next day we went to some incredible caves in Cappodocia. When we were up there, Joey and I showed them the tunnel. I got a better flashlight and crawled through it. I didn’t get to the end because it got too small. Cami was to scared to go in and mom of all people tried to crawl through but she didn’t make it much further than me. I was kind of sad about not making into the end of the tunnel but oh well.
 We ate a few snacks in the amazing church then walked to some other caves. The other caves weren’t as good as the church but still incredible. After our great experience at the caves we drove back to the hotel and slept. The following day we didn’t do much. We drove to a place with stuff that is on one of the Turkish lira bills. It looked like 3 giant weird shaped pillars with humongos boulders on top of them. We also road a camel on the sided of the road. It was like riding a giant ugly horse but it was still fun. When we were done riding the camel we had a nice lunch then we bought ceramics.
Tommy lifts his sandwich atop mt. Kosciusko (Australias highest point)
Tommy lifts his sandwich atop mt. Kosciusko (Australias highest point)
Tommy's day in Melbourne

   The following day we packed up and waited till we had to get out of our room at the hotel and when we did have to get out we walked to the train station. We stayed at the food court and had lunch.  Mom and Cami ate at McDonalds, Joey and dad ate at an Italian place and I ate at a place with wraps.  
     We sat in the food court for about half an hour deciding what to do until the bus to the airport came.  we went to check what movies were playig at the movie theatre but we were only allowed to watch 2 movies that they were playing and we didn't want to watch either.  So we decided to go to the science center.
     The science center was really fun.  the first part was a space exploretion area. There was an infrared scanner and you had to point these things at squares with something behind it heating or making the square colder and the thing you pointed at the squares would tell you what the temperature of the square is.  The point was to find the square that was the hottest.  Satelites would have those and use them to gather heat.  There was also a pretend satelite that slid on a bar over you that would scan how tall you were from space.
     There was an athletic exhibit. There was a bike you could ride with a pretend skeleton on a bike hanging above you and when you peddled the bike the skeleton above you would ride his bike.  They did that to show you how your body moves when you ride a bike.  Ther was another thing to time how long you could balance on a board on a center piece and the timer whuld go off when one side of the board wasn't touching the floor.
    And on the upper level there was a build your own city thing that was basically a bunch of building blocks with a toy crane or something near it and you would use te toy crane to pick up one of the building blocks.
     The science center was really fun. When we left the science center we walked to the train station and at the train station there was a bum-more like a crackhead.  When he walked into the train station and kicked the ticket thing as hard as he could. Then he started walking back and forth looking all angry and I was staring at him and he looked at me and I loooked away as fast as I could because i though he had a bad day already.  Then he sat down on a bench and moving his head side to side like this (picture of guy moving head)  And I said to my brother "He's kinda got the India thing goin". then he stood up walked to the edge of the platform and shouted " Does anybody here have a cellphone?  I was sitting in a pub on  as stool and this guy comes over and slams my head on the ground.  Now if one of you could just let me borrow your cellphone I am going to call the police on him"  
    Then someone waiting for the train said to crackhead jack as I like to call him  "there is a pay phone over there"  and crackhead Jack said "I don't need a payphone I need a cellphone.  Listen I was sitting on a stool in a pub minding my own business and he comes and slams my head on the groudn.  He knocked my brains out!".  And this Asian lady walked by tring not to laugh but unfortunately we had to get on the train at that moment.  I would have loved to watch what else he was going to say. 
     We took the train to the main train station. When we got to the main trian station we took our bags to the bus that drove us to the airport.  Once  we got to the airport we went through security and all that stuff then got on the plane heading to Tasmania.
Sorry Day
            Yesterday was a very special day because the Australians apologized to the Aboriginals for taking some of the Aboriginal children and taking them to white people schools. The Government thought it was for the Aboriginal children’s own good and would make them more successful when they are older.
            The apology was said by the government on February 13, 2008. The Prime Minister Kevin Rudd gave a speech which is also the sorry. One thing he said was “we apologize, especially for the removal of Aboriginal and Torres strait islander Children from their families, their communities and their country”
            I think the apology was good because they were separating children from their families for what they thought would be good. If I was the government I would be a little nervous about being sued. I don’t think that the sorry would help the relationship with the Aboriginal people and the government because the government were the only ones being unfair.
                We took a taxi to the Dersadet Hotel. The people there were very nice. Once guy taught us some words in Turkish. We learned these word s from him” hello is merhaba”, thank you is “teassugaradream” do you speak English (I forgot that), yes and no. His name was Umet. Once we left the hotel we walked up the street to a restaurant with kebabs. Kebabs are a Turkish food but they don’t taste like the kebabs in the United States of America, they are better. I got a delicious chiken kebab with a kind of spicy sauce. When we were done we walked back to the hotel and went to sleep.
 The next day we had a very good breakfast on the roof of the Dersadet hotel. The view was beautiful from up there. There were a bunch of boats lined up and the manager of the hotel who’s name is Deniz which means “sea” in some other language said that the boats were lined up because a local boat driver would have to get on the boat and drive the boat up this thing called the Bosphorous.
 Once we left the hotel, we went to the underground sistern. I learned that people in ancient times would lower buckets through a hole in the basement down there to get water. There were a lot of pillars down there, 2 of the pillars had a statue of Medusa’s head. One of them was on it’s side and the other was upside down. There was another pillar called the teardrop pillar had different designs than the other ones. The designs on it were kind of swirly. It is called the teardrop pillar because a lot of drops of water fall right next to it.
 After that we walked to the heia Sophia. On the way there were little carts with people selling boiled corn and my brother and I got some corn and it was really good. Once we bought  tickets to go in the Heia Sophia we walked in and it was huge. It had a kind of a dome shaped ceiling but we couldn’t  see the bottom of the dome shaped part because there were a bunch of bars in the way. There were a lot of Mozaics but the faces were scratched out because the religion there is Muslum. One of the Mozaics was too high for them to scratch out the face and it looked like Jesus was doing a gang sing. They used more than 300 tiny pieces of tile used in making the Mozaics. There was also Viking grafitis scratched in one of the pillars. I heard that some man wanted the Heie Sophin into a museum so they could show that there could be a mix with religion. The mix with religion at the Hheia Sophia was Muzlem and Christian. The Hheia Sophia is the oldest church we have seen on the trip. We walked away from the Heia Sophia to McDonalds.
Everyone in the family ate at McDonald’s except for dad. Dad got a delicious sandwich called a doner which is a bunch of chicken brests on a pole stacked up then cut up put on bread and then they put salad. We walked to the Dersadet and I read my Narnia books and I met these two British people named Mercy and Martin. I was talking to them and dad came up and talked to them and the conversation led to food and my dad said the food in the UK wasn’t very good and Martin was ofende by that. When we were done talking with them we walked to the room and something that seemed to come out of heaven: The Phoenix Suns against the Bulls and the Suns won. My dad asked the guy at the front desk if there was a basketball team for Turkey and the answer to that is yes and we got tickets to one of the basketball games!
The following day we went to breakfast which again was delicious and the guy at the bar up there whose name is Ahmet asked me if I wanted anything and even when I said no thank you, he said are you sure. I thought he was very nice. Ahmit the guy at the front desk is really nice too and so is the manager Deniz.
After breakfast we walked with Mercy and Martin to the Blue Mosque but it was closed for prayer. So we walked to some restaurant and when we came back to the Blue Mosqe it wasn’t closed any more and we got to go inside. We had to take our shoes off because they didn’t want anyone to get the floor dirty because when the people pray at parts of the prayer they would have to put their forehead on the ground. The inside of the Mosque was beautiful. We saw where they would speak into a microphone which was made so the whole city could hear it. When the people heard that meant that they have to prayer. 
When we left the Blue Mosque we took a taxi to the Basketball game. The teams that were playing were named the Besilktas and Efes Pilsen. During the game there was a colassle group of people standing up on their chairs and chanting something in Turkish and right near them was a bunch of Riot Police. In the end of the game the team named Besiktas beat the other team called Efes Pilsen.
We left the Basketball arena and went back to the hotel. Our parents had to meet these Norwegian people at a bar to watch a soccer or football game while Joey, Cami and I stayed home and watched a movie.
 The following day we walked a very long way through a park and over a bridge. While we were walking through the park and there was this statue of Ataturk. Ataturk is the founder of modern Turkey. Also in the park there was a pretty little fountain. Once we left the park we walked across the bridge. There were so many fishermen crowding around each other trying to get to a better spot and hardly anybody was catching any fish and the fish that they did catch were guppies. Once we got across the bridge over the Golden Horn we walked to a tram that went up a hill to Taksim Square which is a pedestrian street. We walked a pretty long way to a book store called Robinson Crusoe and my mom and dad got a lot of travel books. When we left the bookstore we walked to a Burger King and right outside of the burger king there was a street protest for peace and there were bunch of police everywhere like on top of buildings. We had to wait for the protesters to move before we left the restaurant. Once we did we walked to a street with too many music stores to count. Some of the guitars in the windows were awesome, one of them had a skull and crossbones on it. There was also a digital violin. Once we found the trains station we took the train home. 
Once we got home we took a taxi to this mystical music and dance thing and we ate at a Burger King across the street. After dinner we walked to the dance thing which is in the old train station. At the dance thing they spun around for a very very long time and were wearing a hat shaped like a thimble without the holes and brown. I watched their feet and it was confusing. The next day, Joey and Dad went on a Bosphorous cruise. They said they bought Pomegram juice from this guy and forgot to pay him. Cami, Mom and I were at home and watched TV and did school.
Once Joey and Dad got back we went to dinner. The restaurant we ate at wasn’t good. After dinner we walked to a place where they would give people Turkish baths. We changed into towels we would rap around our waists. Then we went into a place with a big marble slab and people laying on it. We had to lay on it too and it was hot. When we got on I said “I feel like a chicken on a grill”. We laid on the marble slab for a while till a guy who worked there told dad it was his turn to get a massage. Then it was my brother’s turn and then it was my turn. You had to pay extra to get a massage and I didn’t get one but the guy was nice and gave me the royal treatment. He spun me around on the marble slab and put a sponge in a bucket and he squeezed the sponge and a bunch of bubles came out of it. It was so hot and they had a thing squirting really cold water that felt so good when I poured it over my head.
                The following day we took a 5 hour train ride to Postojna which is in Slovinia. Once we got there we walked a very long way to Hotel Sport. What I loved about the hotel was that they had computers in the lobby with free internet. Also our room had 5 beds so we didn’t have to have them bring up a mattress for once. When we were done unpacking we went to a place with wonderful food. I got spaghetti and mom, dad and Cami got 2 plates of stuff and it was so much food. My brother got delicious pepperoni and mushroom pizza. After dinner mom and dad spent a very long time booking flights for Turkey. 
The day after that we went to the Postojana caves. We went to this one area where they had a couple of Proteus. They were kind of like salamanders but Proteus’s are only found in the Postajna caves. When we were done seeing the Proteus’s we took a train ride through the cave. The train stopped at a place where we had to walk a little. There were beautiful salagtites and salagmites. One of them looked like Santa. You had to look at it for about 2 minutes till you found his hat, his beard, his face and body. Also there was a few holes in the ceiling that looked like a monster’s face. Also there was a bridge over a huge dich in the ground. We rode back on the train and walked from the cave back to the hotel. Animal Planet was on TV in English so we watched a show about sharks.
                The next day we took a 5 hour train Postojna to Lubjana. We ate lunch at McDonalds for $5.00. the walk to our hotel was very long and could have been a lot shorter if the road wasn’t torn out. Our hotel wasn’t good. The first night the sewer really stunk and there was loud music playing on the other side of the wall of the room we were in. We walked around the town and a beautiful castle on a hill was lit up in purple.
The day after that we took a 40 minute cab ride to a water park called Atlantis. They had 2 waterslides (actually 3 waterslides but 1 was closed. One of them you had to take a tube on the one that you had to take a tube on went about ten miles per hour. The one that you didn’t have to take a tube on had a bunch of red lights at the beginning and you went slow in the middle there were lights shaped like fish and sharks and you still went slow, and the last part there were no special lights but you went really fast! My brother and I went on the lazy river which led outside and dad was out there and he forced us to swim laps for 20 minutes. After that we went inside and there was this trampoline that floats on the water so we asked if we could use it but they said it was for special guests only. But this group of kids came and there was a line to get on and we got in line and we “blended in” with the rest of the kids.
The next day we took a taxi to Lubjana airport and the people there said “Oh, we were expecting You” and we thought that was kind of cool. Once we got to our gate we took a 4 hour flight to Isambul Turkey.
The next day we went to buy blown glass at Murano. Some of the stuff that they blew was amazing! We got to see a guy blow a vase with nothing special about it and after he blew the vase, he blew a really cool looking fish.
 Also, every member of the family bought a piece (s) of glass. I bought a penguin and a mom hippo and a baby hippo sitting together. My brother got a really cool looking dolphin which was about 3 dollars. My sister got 4 weiner dogs, Mom goat a dish and dad got a glass blown shoe and dish. Murano was very fun. 
On the walk back to the place we saw instead of a garbage truck, a garbage boat. When we got back to the place we finished a book dad as reading us for about a month called “A Tale of Two Cities”. The next day we took a secret tour of the Doge Palace (don’t tell the people at the Doge Palace). We had a really mean tour guide who would yell at us if we touched the walls. We saw the torture chamber but the torture thing wouldn’t kill them. They would tie their hands behind their backs and pull them up by their hands. Also in the torture chamber we saw where Giovanni Casanova escaped by cutting a hole in the ceiling.
Tommy roasting chestnuts at Isle D'orta
Tommy roasting chestnuts at Isle D'orta
The following day we went to a church called San Giulio. The church was on an island so we had to take a boat to get there. Inside the church they had the remains of Saint Giulio. The remains as in bones that looked creepy. The church was huge. While we were waiting for the boat to come back Cami was standing near the water and she fell into the water. Well, we road back in the boat and got some delicious Gelato (Gelato is ice cream in Italian). Also we saw this guy with a green hat with a feather in it roasting chestnuts. I asked him if I could roast chestnuts and he let me roast chestnuts and while I was roasting chestnuts he put his hat on my head.
 We didn’t really do anything special the next day. My mom tried to buy a volleyball but we went to the store during siesta time. Siesta means sleep time in Italian. We got volleyball later in the day though. After that we fed ducks, swans and fish bread on the lake. I forgot to mention camp Smaraldo was on a lake. After that my dad read us a book called a tale of two cities. After reading a Tale of two Cities we ate spaghetti for dinner which was very good and then we watched a movie called “O Brother where Art thou.” That day was kind of boring.
 The next day was OK. My dad and I started the day off with a 15 minute run around the place which was very fun then took a train to Milan. The first thing we did was go to a bookstore I got a Calvin and Hobbes book. The next thing we did was go to the Duomo. We saw candles you light for people that died and it was hard to believe how many candles were lit up. My sister was in a bad mood so my dad said “ Hey, try and count the statues. She got a little frustrated but I did it and thought it was fun. After that we ate at McDonalds’s. After that we had to run to catch the train back which I thought was kind of fun. Well that day was fun.
 The day after that it rained. We went to a blockbuster and bought Spiderman-2, The Bourne Supremacy and what we thought was Kindergarten Cop but was Jingle all the way. We didn’t really do anything the rest of the day except go bowling. I got 2 strikes and a lot of other pins down. I finished in second place with 99 pints. Bowling was a blast.
The next day we went to Inveruno. We visited Albina, Jolie and Caesare. Jolie showed us his model ships which he works on daily. He made 28 really cool looking model boats. Albina Jolie and Caesaroa gave us candy and hot chocolate mugs. My dad said to Jolie that he should come to our place but he is scared to fly so he said When they build a bridge I will ride my bike”. I really liked them. After that we saw the house where Grandma Camilla (who my sister is named after) was born, but only from the outside. Everyone was so nice except for Elsa and Giancarlo. My dad asked if we could go to dinner with them and they said no. We also met Massimo’s family. We got more presents and more candy. My mom and dad got some linen. They were very nice people. After that we went to Allesandra’s volleyball practice. Before dinner with a lot of people we visited that day Piero and Annalisa. I really like the slippers. We had a wonderful dinner and I finally got Elisa to hug me !! We had a wonderful day and I wanted to spend more time with them.
The next day we didn’t do anything. Dad wrecked the care and his car had no damage but he knocked the other lady’s bumper loose. But the rest of the day we played games and watched TV. We went to dinner at a place called Pan Pan Pizza. I got a pepperoni pizza which was delicious. 
The following day we drove 6 hours to Rome. We had a lunch at a truck stop and met 2 Canadian people. They said they have been planning the trip to Italy for a very long time. Then we arrived at the hotel Italia. It didn’t have Internet but it had BBC and a sports channel with the last game of 207 World Series. Sadly, the red sox won against the Rockies. 
The next day we went to outside mass at Saint peters Square. At mass there was a beatification for 498 Spanish Marters. That is the biggest number of people beatified in one ceremony. There were Spanish flags everywhere but Pope Benedict wasn’t there. After the beatification we had a really good lunch. I got a sandwich with pepperoni and cheese. The rest of the day we did school.
The next day may dad went to see if we could get tickets to see the pope but after he waited in a huge line he found the entrance barricaded. Once we bought bus tickets we took he bus to the forum. It was fun climbing on some of the ruins but most of them were blocked off. We saw some archeologists studying the ruins. From there we walked to the Coliseum. We took an English tour of the coliseum and only half of the coliseum was original. The rest is rebuilt. It was very hard to tell rebuilt stuff from original stuff. The place where they would fight was removed so you could see the tunnels animal cages and elevators that they would put animals in to get to where they would fight. I learned that when a gladiator had a sword to another gladiators neck he would look at the emperor who would be sitting near the place where they would fight and if he did a thumb up that means kill him and if he did a thumbs down that means to let him live. The next day after that we went to St. Peters Basilica and saw the La Pieta. On the La Pieta you could see the holes from the nails on Jesus’ hands and feet. After that we went underground and saw the tomb’s of the pope’s. Some of the designs carved on the tombs were really cool. A huge group of tourists came and I got separated from the rest of the family. The next thing that happened was it started raining and we had to walk a very long way to the Sistine Chapel which was closed when we got there. Then we had to walk even longer through the rain to Old Bridge Gelato.  It was worth walking though the rain for that Ice cream.
The next day, we were in a huge crowd of people to see the Pope. We had to stand on our chairs to see him and some idiot ran by and almost knocked my mom off her chair. After that we started driving to Serento and hit horrible traffic in the middle of Rome and Tim the GPS kept taking us over the same bridge and my dad said, “If Tim takes us over that god#@n river again I am going to throw him in it” and Tim said “turn Left” right when we were crossing the bridge and my dad said “If I turn left I will drive the whole family into the d#@n river”. Now my dad laughs when he hears that and so do I. 
The next day it rained and everything was closed. We checked the prices at one restaurant and said that it was too much money so we went to a pizza place and we didn’t check the prices and in the end the bill was 36 euros. The crazy thing was it was 6 euros for 2 cokes and 1 euro for everyone’s service no discount for any one and Cami didn’t eat a thing!! And the Euro is worth more than the U.S. dollar. Also the pizza was terrible. Those lousy crooks!!
The following day we went to Pompeii. Pompeii was so fun. We could go in so many ruins and the baths were huge. When you talked into them they echoed. In the sad poets house the mosaics still had the color after an earthquake and a volcano eruption. There were also plaster replicas of the bodies they found. One of the plaster replicas was of a dog. The dog was scratching himself. He went out with a terrible itch. The place we were staying had four dogs. 3 wener dogs and 1 boxer. The boxer and 2 of the wener dogs were tan and the third wener dog which was about to have babies was black and tan. Also to get to our car we had to walk up a really steep trail. 
The day after that we did school.We went to a place with a beautiful view and Joey, Cami and I were playing tag and these two kids named Giovanni and Arianna asked if they could lay and they did play and we had lots of fun. The next day we went to a beautiful Mass up the 1 steep hill.
After that dad Joey and I hiked to a place with a wonderful view and a Roman turret. The steps to the entrance were crumbling but we made it in and there were stairs heading to the roof. And the view was even better up there. The hike back was very very step. 
The following day we went to the travel and bought train tickets. We got caught in traffic and the way and there we saw a guy with a moped weaving in and out of cars with 2 giant propane tanks one on his lap and another behind his legs. After that we went o n a hike to a natural swimming pool where Sirens sang to Odysses. Once we left there we drove to where we park the car and walked to the hotel. My mom lost her purse and we looked everywhere and we couldn’t find it and finally a place we went to called and said that they had her purse. 
The next day we drove to Amalfi which was beautiful but amazingly dangerous. Also you would get really car sick. Once we got to the cave called the Green Grotto. We took a boat tour through it. There were little statues underwater. Also there was an opening from the ocean into the cave. Once we drove back to the place we ate dinner and watched a movie called Naplean Dynamite.
 The day after that we drove to Rome. My dad dropped us off at the hotel while he returned the car and the rest of the family had to walk a really long way to get to the other hotel with the giant suitcases because the first hotel was full. After we unpacked at the hotel we walked a very long way to McDonalds to get lunch
The following day we packed up and walked to the train station and got on the train to Venice Italy. The train was 5 hours long and once we got there we got on a boat that was extremely long to our place. Also there was a very long walk to our place and we got lost because we were supposed to meet a guy someplace and he was about 1 hour late. Once we unpacked we got some really good pizza at some restaurant. Also I broke my glasses and my dad yelled at me and I told him it was an axcident which it was and he still yelled at me. When I was done crying I asked him If I break my extra pair of glasses on my birthday would he still yell at me and the answer to that was “h#@l yah!”. The following day we went to Saint Marks Basilica. There were some pigeons there that if you got bird food they would land on you. We didn’t feed them because we didn’t know if there was a risk of bird flu but we saw other people do it. After that we went to the top of the bell tower to get a view of Venice. The view was beautiful. Once we left St. Marks Basilica we walked a real long way to a bridge called Ponte de Rialto. The bridge I thought was just like a normal bridge with a few carvings in it. We tried to take the boat back to our place but they kept skipping our stop. We thought we got on an express but we asked someone who worked there and he said they are on strike and they started that same day.
A letter from Tommy to one of his adopbtive classmates:

Hi Nick,
right now we are in Thailand,today we went to the Temple of the Tigers.We got to pet adult tigers and lay down with baby tigers.There was a really cool eagle near the baby.
A few days ago we saw the biggest reclined boodah in the world.It was huge.The same day we went to the temple.Inside the temple there was a giant golden thing shaped like a pyramid with a little boodah on top.The boodah had a golden robe around it and we found out that the king of Thailand would change the robe each season.We saw pictures of the boodah with every seasons robe.
The basketball game was really fun. There were 2 Turkish teams one of them was called Efes Pilsner and I forgot what the other team was called.
                                       Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
Le Clos Luce

The following day we drove 2 hours to our hotel but on the way we stopped and toured Le Clos Luce (Leonardo's chateau). It was really fun.  there was a tunnel that lead from Leanardo's basement to a nearby castle, but you couldn't go through it.  there was this swirly thing in his garden.  There were very many of Leanardo's inventions.  he invented the tank, the machine gun, catapult, anemometer, cannon, swivel bridge, paddle boat, the archimedean screw, the submarine, the base of a helicopter and the automobile.  Leanardo's inventions were complicated.  

After that we drove to our hotel.  There were two very nice people there named Katiya and Mark.  Well, we unpacked and went to a restaurant called Pizzaria. I got some great pepperoni pizza followed by some delicious caramel ice cream.  Oh, and by the way, our hotel came with a golf course and rental clubs.

The next day was castle day.  The first castle we went to was Chambord.  The Chambord was beautiful from the outside and it had a moat around it and a nice little well  in the woods that was near it. The Chambord had 440 rooms but we didn't go inside it.  After that we went to the Chenonceau.  To get to the Chenonceau  you had to walk under a bunch of trees and there was a leaf caught on a spider web and it looked like it was floating in mid air.

The Chenonceau had very many paintings one of them was of Artemis but I forgot what she was doing though.  There was a giant hall towards the back of it  had a giant fireplace that I could walk in and out without having to bend down.  There was an arch with water under it and I learned that the boats that would bring supplies and drop them off there.  It  also had two beautiful garderns.  One of them had a small fountain in the middle with  beautiful carvings on it.  The Chenanceau also had a maze and in the middle of the maze there was view point.  But we found out that every direction you went led out. So, Joe Cam and I said that there was no point in doing it so we decided to play tag in it which was very fun.  After that we went to our hotel and went to bed.

the day after that Joey, Dad and I played 9 holes of golf which was very fun.  there was one hole with a crater in front of the green.  After 9 holes we went into town for lunch>  i forgot what was the nameof the rastauraunt was though.

We did school the rest of the day and for dinner at the hotel with was very nice.  

The next day we drove to Paris and dropped Mr. Azzara at the airport and started the drive to Italy.  We rode in the car for 8 hours.  the drive through Switzerland was beautiful.  We saw the lake that Deep purple made the song about.  The song is "Smoke on the Water".

While we were driving, Tim te GPS said "turn right then get on the ferry" which was actualy a train.  While we were on the train we constantly were going through tunnels.

One time we were in a tunnel for fifteen minutes and at the end of the tunnel it was 2 seconds until the next tunnel. I forgot to say we hold our breath through tunels.  We got to camp Smeraldo 2 hours late.  After we unpacked we went to a pizza restaurant with Alessandra, Elisa, Walter and Daniela who are our Italian cousins.  The pizza we got was delicious
'The Thinker'
"The Thinker"

   the following day we went to the top of the Arc De Triomph. the view was great. The Eiffel looked really great from up there.  My little sister Cami kept kicking me even when I told her to stop, so I punched her in the face and gave her bloody nose.  I almost forgot to say there are 284 stairs to the top of the Arc de triomph.     After that, Mr. Azzara and my mom went out for tea while the rest of the family went out to buy a G.P.S. 
   the next day, we drove three hourst to Normandy.  We were meeting this lady that was really really late.  Cami and I played fetch with this dog that was there.  We unpacked and went out to dinner at a seafood place.  I had some of Mr. Azzara's mussels and I loved them.  There was a sign that said "no entry" and showed a drawing of a car driving off a dock and into the water.  The restaurant's name was "La Trinquette"
   the day after that we went to church.  Church was in French and German because there was a group of German people.  After church, we drove to St. mare church they had a dummy paratrooper hanging from the church by his parachute. they had that there because a paratrooper really did get caught like that in world war 2 and pretended he was dead for hours and hours.
    After that, we went to Omaha beach.  The Americans landed there in World war 2.  We walked around there for a while and drove to the American cemetary.  there were 9387 people buried there.  Most of the graves were just crosses, but the graves that were shaped like stars means the person who is buried there is Jewish.
  After that, we went to Point du hoc. That is where there are a bunch of bomb holes and German bunkers, some destroyed some still standing.  The bombs that made the bomb holes were dropped by the Americans in world war 2 and you can go inside the bunkers that are still standing. Sadly, most of the rooms were pitch black.  
  After that, we drove to la Trinquette where I got some delicious mussels.
    the next day we drove and hour and ten minutes to Monte St. Micheal. Monte St. Michel was awesome.  It's called Mont st. Michael because in ancient times, someone saw St. Michael on the top of it.  They put a golden statue of St. Michael on top of it, and he has pointy shoes.  After that, we drove back to our hotel/farm.  There was a horse racing track and we ran around it.  I ran 5 times around it without stopping once.  after that, we went to la Trinquette again and we got mussels again

Tommy inside the canyon at the War Museum
Tommy inside the canyon at the War Museum
The day after that we went to Saint Chapelle and Notre Dame. Saint Chapelle was beautiful.  The stain glass windows were huge.  There were so many of the stain glass windows.  There were to many pictures to count on the stain glass windows.  If you went to ther front and looked back, you could see the Rose window.  Every picture on the window tells a story from the bible.  The Rose window had a picture in the center that was bigger than the other ones.  I forgot what the middle one was.  After that, we walked to Notre Dame. there was a big statue in front of notre Dame of Saint louis.  there were many statues on the outside of notre Dame.  There was a statue of a guy withougt a head.  he was holding his head in his hands.  The inside of notre Dame was huge.  It also had a rose window.  This Rose Window had pictures of the opacalipse. On the inside there were very many statues ant tapestrys. I love tapestrys.  

One of the statues was of Saint JonahVark. She was a farm girl who went to the king and asked him if she could be a special rank in the military. the king said she could be a general. she led France to victory over Britan.  She was later burned at the stake for withchcraft at 19 years of age.  Johah Vark was a great person.  

the day after that we went ot the Louver.  My brother, sister and I each got a statue or painting to talk about.  Joey talked about the Mona Lisa.  the Mona Lisa was painted by leonardo da Vinci.  It was carried on a donkey trip from somewhere in Italy to Le clous Luce.  He lived there for 3 years before he died.  Cami talked about Venus de Milo goddess of love, beatury and foolishness.  two of the statues arms have fallen off.  One of the arms was holding the golden apple.  the statue was found in a farmers yard in Greece.  I talked about Winged Victory.  Winged Victory is a statue of  Nike, goddess of victory. Winged victory was found without a head or arms, but they did find one of the statues hands.  Scientists say that her arms were outstetched. 
After the Louvre, we went to Place de Concord.  That is a square where they would chop off people's heads using the geea tine.  The following day we did an all boys trip to the War Museum where napolean is buried.  There was a cannon that I could fit in! No joke, I really crawled inside it. We went to the Midevil section first.  There were very many weapons and knights armor.  Ther was even Armor for children. My favorite weapon was a crossbow. After that we saw Napolean's tomb. It was huge. Mr Azara said they got the box that Napoleans ashes were in and made a bunch of other wooden boxes around it. After that we went to the world war 2 part of the museum. the world war 2 part of the museum was amazing.  there was a poster of Uncle Sam pointing ant you and saying "I want you in the U.S. Army". After the war museum we met mom and Cami at the Eifel Tower.  We did not go up in the Eifle tower though. it was right around when the Rugby world cup was going to be played so they had a giant rugby ball balloon on the second floor. 
Wild wadi water park, Dubai
Wild wadi water park, Dubai

After we went swimming in the ocean we showered off and did home schooling. You have no idea what its like having your parents as your teachers! The following ay we took Emirates airlines to Dubai. The flight was 6 hours long. When we go to Dubai, we thought it was cool. The buildings were huge. We got to see the tallest building in the world!
                You could see the tallest building in the world right outside our window at the hotel. The next day we went to Wild Wadi Water park. They had a huge slide that was easily my favorite slide . When you got to the top of the water slid e and looked back, the buildings looked like toys compared to the tallest building.
After the water park, we went to the4 biggest mall in the east. The mall was so big it had an indoor ski resort!

Unfortunately the next day we had to leave Dubai for Paris. We took Emirates air to the city of eternal light.  The flight was 7 and a half hours long.  We got to see Mr. Azara (dad's french teacher in high school). Once we  got to our apartment, we unpacked our bags and went to dinner. The dinner was great and the Arc de triumph was really close to our hotel
In Africa, trying not to get attacted
In Africa, trying not to get attacted
October 24, 2007

                We went on a 8 and a half hour plane ride to Nairobi, followed by a 45 minute flight with a  3 hour wait in between. We arrived at our hotel room which got switched to a presidential suite at 2;00 in the morning. The next day we started our safari in Tanzania. We went on a 2 hour drive to camp jambo. After we got our tents set up we drove through lake Manyara Naional park. We got to see a lot of animals. We saw the following animals: elephant, black faced monkey, blue monkey, baboon, gazelle, cape buffalo, great king fisher, stork, flamingo, tufted hornbill, giraffe and a silvery cheeked hornbill. 
                The next day we went on a 4 mile hike down the Great Escarpment which was very fun. Then we drove for an hour and ate lunch. After lunch, we went on a 5 hour drive to camp Seronera. On the way we saw these animals: ostrich, secretary bird, spotted hyena, impala, Grants gazelle, Thompson’s gazelle, zebra, giraffe, hippo and lion cubs.
                The day after that we went on an hour game drive then came back for lunch. After lunch we resumed the game drive. We saw a lot of animals. We saw; a herd of elephants, lions, hippos, crocodiles, giraffe, warthog, Defasa waterbuck, black-back jackal , white backed vulture, African fish eagle, sacred ibis, black headed heron, yellow billed stork, Bonor reedbucks, cheetah, leopard, white tailed bustard, spotted hyena, dik dik, impala, vervet monkey and baboon. The game drive was very fun and the sunset was beautiful.  We talked to some very nice people today and Cami and I made up a board game. We also saw a yellow billed stork hunting for fish and we saw two very small baby elephants. 
                The following day we went o a 3 and a half hour drive to Ngorongoro conservation area. On the way we went on a 2 hour hike to a Maasai village. I think I learned lot about the Maasai. Most Maasai men will marry more than one woman. Maasai children will herd cattle, but not as far as the adults.
The Maasai people will not hunt and eat wild animals. They will only eat their cattle and sheep. The Maasai will live in the wild or a conservation area, they cannot live in National Parks.
                We saw very many animals today. We saw; giraffe, secretary bid, warthog, hippos, ostrich, hartebeest, bustard, topi and zebra.
                The next day we went to a Maasai village that danced for us. It was very interesting how they danced there. We got to go inside a Maasai house and preschool.
                After that, we went on a game drive in the crater. We saw the following animals: helmeted guinea fowl, ostrich, leopard faced vulture, Nubian vulture, vervet monkey (1 climbed in the car) serval cat  (hunt, kill and eat a rat), wildebeests, spotted hyena and rhino. 
                The day after that we went on a one and a half hour car ride to Tarangire national park. The campsite we are staying at is Paradise campsite. Once we got our tents set up, we went on a game drive, we saw baobab trees, they are the thickest trees in the world. We saw these animals: impala, zebra, warthog, elephant, waterbuck, ostrich, black striped mongoose and African Ground Hornbill. 
                The following day we drove back to Arusha and went on a cultural tour. We got to see what a school was like. The schools had dirt floors and up to 36 kids can be in one class. Also we saw a 13 year old girl carry 20 liters from a stream to her house. Also we saw these toddlers carrying water to their house. After the cultural tour we went to Kilimanjaro mountain lodge.
                The next day we packed our bags and flew to Zanzibar. We are staying at the Tembo hotel. After we got our rooms settled, we went swimming. Dad, Joey, Cami and I played volleyball. At dinner there was a ferry that drifted away from the beach. You should’ve seen that, it was hysterical. The next day we drove to Matemwe Beach hotel. We got to swim with Seat turtles! We also wasted $500 on a fishing trip. We did not catch anything. 
                We got a very nice room. The day after that, Joe, dad and I went swimming in the ocean. We found a group of coral and we saw beautiful fish. There was one fish that was striped yellow and black. The fish had a very tall dorsal fin. There were also fish that when you would hold still, they would try to nibble on you. We had a great time in the ocean. The only bad thing, there were too many sea urchins to count. But we didn’t get any sea urchins stuck in us.
'Rise, sir Tommy'
"Rise, sir Tommy"

My Day in York

I learned a lot today in York.  My dad told me to write 3 paragraphs about what I learned today.  I chose to write about my favorite exhibit which is the toy shop in the York Castle Museum.
I tought the toy shop was cool because they had little soldiers and dolls tahat they found.  What I thought was very interesting is that the soldiers would be pieces of lead and the kids would paint them. There was also a guy pretending to be the clerk and I thought that was pretty sweet.
I thought the Museum was very fun. It was very interesting.  I think you should go there.
At the tower of London
At the tower of London


The past week in England, I realized how great the food is in America.

When we got back from the flight from New York City to London, we got to our hotel and hit the sack.

When we woke up we found out we over slept by 5 hours.  We walked to a pub and ate dinner there.  We met a person at the pub who was very funny and nice.

the day after that, we went on a double decker bus tour around London.  after the double decker bus tour, we toured the tower of London.  the tower of London was very interesting and fun.

The next day, we drove to York.  We went to the Railway Museum which was awesome.  The same day we went to teh York Castle Museum. the castle museum was amazing.  the museum had a toy store that had toy soldiers that kids back then would pain. 

the next day we went to Stratford upon Avon.  There, we say Sahkespeares's grave.  We also did brass rubbings.  Brasss rubbing wi wher people make brass pictures and put paer on top, then start rubbing the paper with wax.

The next day we drove to Bath and went to our friend's house. We had a great time with Mike and tracy.  Well, we had a fabulous time in England.  I liked it more than New York City
Outside the play 'spamalot'
Outside the play "spamalot"
Tommy Boesch’s review of Mary Poppins
On September seventh, 2007 In New York’s New Amsterdam Theater we saw Mary Poppins. Mary Poppins is a musical by Disney and Cameron Mackintosh.
                This is the story from the point of view from Michael and Jane Banks:                                                               
For a long time, nannies have been coming and going  because we got on their nerves. Our lives were miserable and then one day Mary Poppins came. She played games with us and gave us treats. She did stuff with us no other nanny has ever done with us. The big thing Marry Poppins did was make our dad care about us.
                I loved this play because the singing was fabulous. The scenes changed  very quickly. There is a special effects scene with Burt the chimney sweep that is unforgettable. I highly recommend this play especially for people who like musicals.
Tommy goes on the defensive against his his mortal enemy, the mosquito
Tommy goes on the defensive against his his mortal enemy, the mosquito
August 19, 2007    
This is a report on the mosquito. We went to Yosemite once and the mosquitoes were miserable. They were everywhere. They flew in my eyes and bit any part of my body that was bare. I wished a slow painful to all mosquitoes on Earth.
                 A Mosquito’s lifecycle is like most of the other bugs life cycles. Mosquitoes start out as eggs. The eggs stay in water. The water has to be standing so the eggs don’t get dragged under water or break. The next stage is larvae. The larvae stays in water too. They have breathing tubes that stick above the water. After larvae comes pupa. The pupa float in water and it takes 2 days to change into an adult mosquito.  The adult mosquito needs to be in still water because they have to dry and harden before they can get up and fly.
A mosquito’s head is mostly eye. Both of the eyes have a bunch of tiny lenses making their eyes compound eyes.   Compound eyes are good for detecting movement.  Mosquitoes have antenna near their eyes that detect the carbon dioxide coming from your breath and the warmth of your skin. Mosquitoes have a tube much like an elephant’s trunk called a proboscis.  This sucks blood from animals and is so sharp that you can’t feel it when it goes through your skin. Mosquitoes are a type of fly less than half an inch long. They have six legs and a pair of wings.
                Mosquitoes are weak fliers which is why if you are in a mosquito infested place and you feel a slight breeze or it begins to rain the mosquitoes seem to disappear. They will fly under a leaf or behind something.
Many animals eat mosquitoes. Frogs and some birds eat mosquitoes, so do bats. Dragonflies are great mosquito eaters. If you look into a dragonfly’s mouth you can see up to 100 mosquitoes. Dragonflies eat mosquito eggs, larvae, pupa and adults.
All mosquitoes eat flower pollen. Female mosquitoes drink animal’s blood for the protein they need to make eggs. This is how they spread disease. Mosquitoes spread malaria, yellow fever and west Nile virus. These diseases spread by mosquitoes kill millions of people each year many of whom are children under the age of five.
                In conclusion I still wish all mosquitoes were dead . They kill people and bite people and make them miserable. They pollinate flowers and are food for other animals but are not a critical part of the food chain. Overall, they do more harm than good.

On the Oregon Sand dunes
On the Oregon Sand dunes

Today we went 100 miles in the car from Florence Oregon to Astoria Oregon-while we were driving, we stopped for lunch and got the trailer stuck in a small parking lot.  Mom had to back it up with the trailer on -that was really hard and took a long time.

Now we have set the camper up and it has begun to rain.  Joey and Cami went to the swimming pool and I played at the park with a couple kids.

Today at the lighthouse I saw a cute dog (a fox terrier) and a bunch of other very cute dogs.  I saw a puffin, a common murre a cormorant and a seal and some sea lions.