Always a friend to dogs, Cami cuddles with one of Argentinia's many strays. April 14, 2008
Always a friend to dogs, Cami cuddles with one of Argentinia's many strays. April 14, 2008
April 2, 2008 (Bariloche Argentina)
Today we went to a Spanish skool here in Bariloche. We are going to stay in the salsa house for 2 weeks. Our teachers name is Evonne. Today in class we made brownies. There are lots of nice people at the scool and at the house. We have been playing a lot of games in school We are learning a lot of words in Spanish like perro (dog) and callate La Boca (shut your mouth). I have had a lot of fun doing Spanish school. I liked Spanish School a lot.
April 13 2008 (en route from Bariloche Argentina to El Chalten Argentina)
Today we went on a bus trip. It lasted 2 days. On the bus trip we saw a loma hop a fence and we saw some wild horses and our driver caught a armadillo. I got to tuch the armadillo. He was so cute. The hole bus trip was on a dirt road, but the bus trip wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. There were lots of nice people on the bus. It was very pretty outside.
31 March 2008 (written after first day of Spanish school about a ride that happened March 17 in Queenstown New Zealand)
Today Me and mi Madre went horseback rideing. While the boys went hiking. Mi horses Name was Duchy and Mi Madre horses name was Wren. Dos of the horses were in Lord of the Rings. Me and Mi Madre did not ride the movie star horses. Mi horse was negro with un poquita of marron. Mi madres horse was l marron. Duchy was rilly fast. Mid Madres horse was a bit slower than Mi horse. It was a pretty ride. I had lots of fun rideing horses
Cami gets ready for Rock-n ropes
Cami gets ready for Rock-n ropes
March 24, 2008
Today we went to a place called rock’n ropes. Rock’n ropes is a climbing course above ground. Mom and dad did not do anything at rock’n ropes. Joey walked across a log and tried to grab on to the trapeze but he missed it and he did the giant swing. Tommy did the trapeze to and missed it to. he did the giant swing and he walked across a bridge. I just walked across a bridge I had lots of fun at rock’n ropes
29 Mar 2008
Today we went to a place called the drenlyn foreist (adrenaline forest). The adrelyn forist is a course in the trees. There was 5 courses but the 5th one was still being made. Tommy and I wernt tall anough to do all the course we could only do 1 and 2. Mom had to go with us while dad and Joe did all 4. There were zip lines and lines you walk across there wer lots more stuff to do there. My favorite thing there was the zip line. I had lots of fun at the adrelyn forist.
Feb 1, 2008 (caloundra Australia)
Today I watched a movie. For brecfist we had pancakes with sirup. I watched nanny micfy agin. The boys went serfing today. M mom and I want to the stor agin. We were going to get our heir cut but the girl got sick so we had to wait for four hours until we got our hair cut. We went to the book stor too. We wated and then we had some lunch.  We brought Joey along. While we got our hair cut. Joey went to the book stor. Wonce our hair cut was done we went to Kohls then we went home and watched “blaids of glory”. I had a fun day. I liked my hair cut.
Feb 2, 2008 (caloundra Australia)
Today we went to the Astralea zoo. We saw lots of anamals at the zoo. We saw a tazmanein Devil and we saw some cwalus. We got to pet some kangaroos. We got to watch a alligator show. I t sowed how they catch thre food. The alogater was rily fat. There were liserds running around every ware. We saw some kind of bird with a horn on the top of his head. I got a little stuffed kangaroo. It has a little baby kangaroo in the pouch . On the way out we saw some little birds that were getting fed rat the we went home and mom and ad went to domino’s pizza and Tommy caught a baby liserd. It was so cute. I had lots of fun at the zoo. I hope we go there again some time.
Feb 4, 2008 (Brisbane Australia)
Today we drove to a place to pick up a camper. The drive was 1 hour long. After we got the camper we went to the hospitil to get my cast shortened. It felt good to bend my nee . Then we went to a Borders. We went and got the camper after that. Then we were heading for our camp sight. It was rainy when we were driving in the camper for the first time. The camp site was rilly nice. It had a pool table. I had fun today.
Feb 6, 2008 (byron Bay Australia)
Today we got up and had brecfist then the boys went sirfing and my mom took a shower. I watched a movie while the boys were surfing and mom was taking a shower. After mom and the boys came home we did some schooling then we went to the lighthouse. The vyau (view) was gorgis. We saw some dolphins in the water. The light house was pretty. It was raining today.  after it stopped raining there was a pretty rainbow. Then we went to the store and got some food. I had lots of fun today.
Feb 8, 2008 (dorrigo National Park Australia)
Today we went to the biggest waterfall in Astralea. The water fall didn’t look so tall. Joey and Tommy got separated from me dad and my mom. We thought they fell off the side but then we found them riding aroundon their bikes. We got some bikes for the camping trip was for 2 weeks. This is our 4th day in the camper. The boys went hiking . the whole family went to look at some rilly pretty mountins. I had fun sight seeing today. We went to lots of pretty places today.
Feb 9, 2008 (Armidale Australia)
Today we went to a dog show. There was a part for little dogs and a part for big dogs too. There were two little puppys that were rilly cute. One dog had a little black circle around his eye. There were 6 beautiful huskies. There were 2 really big great danes. We met some people with 2 border collies. There were here for the dog show too. I had lots of fun today with the dogs. All the dogs we peted were rilly sweet. All of the people there were rilly nice too.
Feb 10, 2008 (Armidale Australia)
Today we played catch for w few minits then we left to go to the next stop. The drive was 4 and a half hours. For lunch we stoped at hungry jacks. We were heading to Warebongl. Half way there we saw a mob of Kngaroos. The kangaroos were so cute. We did not see any Joeys. Joey and I thought we saw a Joey but we didn’t . We just arrived at our camp sight. There were lots of kangaroos at the camp sight too. We had beskety (spaghetti) tonight. I had fun today looking at kangaroos.
Feb 11, 2008 (Warrumbungle national park. NSW Australia)
Today for brekfist we had pancakes, bacin, eggs and rice bubbles. Rice bubbles are rice crispies but they call rice crispies ribe bubbles here. The pancakes, bacin and eggs were good. After we were done with brekfist, we drove dad and Joey over to a place to go hiking. The hike was 5 miles. It took dad and Joey 3 and a haf hours to hike the trail. Tommy thought about going but he didn’t want to hike 5 miles. Then we went and picked up the boys and drove to the next stop. I had some fun today.
Feb 26, 2008 (Hobart Tasmania)
Today we went to a museum and a chocolate factory. We stayed with the Watt family for a week. We met this nice family in turkey.
At the museum I did a report on a famous race horse. The horses name was Phar lap. In the museum we went to a marine life room. We saw dead sharks and a dead giant skwid. At the chocolate factory we saw Turkish delight getting covered in chocolate. All of the chocolate looked so good. We bought at least a kilo of chocolate. It was so good . On our way back home we saw a wild echidna. He was so cute! He felt soft on the top but he was a bit spiky on the bottom.
A bum in the train statiion

    We had to take a train to the mesueme and back.  When we were at the train stahon going back to our apartment a bum walked in the stashon.  When he came in he kicked the pole you put your tickets in and he shaked his head back and forth. He said "does anyone have a cell phone. Okay heres the storey I was siting at the bar mineding my own bisinis and sodinly someone came and slammed my head agenst the table.  I nead a cell phone so I can call the cops.  Thare was blod on it.  and olso he nocked my brains ot. It was so funny watching him he was a crackhead.
Yesterday was a big day for the Australians. Because the apology was yesterday. The Government was the one that apologized to the black people. The Australia government apologized for taking the black kids.
I thoat the apology was good because it was rong to take the black kids away from the family. The apology was Feb 13, 2008.
Jan 28, 2008
Today I dressed up geyshia. I got some macup to put on my face. I got to wear a wig and I got to wear a pretty comonoe. A comonoe is a dress. I got to hold a fan and a umbrella for my picturs. I got to hold a ball with some fake flowers on it. I wore some lipstick some pouter on me and they put on some maskara. They put lots more makeup on me but that’s all of the makeup that I can remember. It tickled when she put on the makeup. It was fun getting my picture takin in a comonoe and in the makeup. I hope I can do that agin some time.
Jan 21, 2008
Last night we took a 1 hour plane ride to Bankok. We had a 3 hour layover to catch the next plan ride. The next plan ride was 5 and a haff hours. I fell asleep for most of the plan ride. On the plan I read my Junie B Jones book. After the plan ride we took a 1 half hour train ride to our hotel in Japan. So far I rilly like Japan. We found a 7-11 a starbucks and a McDonalds. We went to a big mall with lectronix. Dad got a new camera and a new watch. Thare were really comfy chairs thare. The chairs had massagers in them. Thos chairs were the comfiest chars I have ever sat in. I had a fun day exept I was bored on the 2 planes and the train.
Jan 22, 2008
Today we went on a tour thru the town. We went in this pitch dark tunnel. Thare was a thing that you would spin and make a wish. You had to take off your shoes to go in there. The tour guide was nice. The tour was 2 hours long. My favrot thing on the tour was the dark tunl. The tunl was cool. I liked the tower. It was cool. We went into a tall tower at night to see the city,. The city was rilly pretty with the city lights on. I had a fun day on the tour and in the tower.
Jan 24, 2008
Today we went skiing. My mom stayed at the cabin. I had a nice ski teacher named Ben. I practiced on terning the holl time. I stayed on the bunny hill the holl time. It was snowing the holl time. We were skiing. It was rilly blowing out there. My ahnds were rilly cold so were my feet and my face were cold to . My cheeks and my nose were red. All of us did skiing non of us did snow bording. Tomorrow my mom might go snow bording but I’m not sher. Then we came to the cabin and drank some hot coco. I had lots of fun skiing today. I wish we were staying here longer. I would like to come here agin some time and ski. I would want to come her dering the winter so I could ski. I had lots of fun skiing. I fell down 4 times in the holl skiing trip. My favrot part was going down the hill full speed that was rilly fun.
Jan 25 2008
Today we went skiing. My mom desided she was going to go skiing our last day there. My mom hasn’t skied in 13 years. My mom had a very fun time skiing. We only stayed on 1 run the intier time. We only went on 2 more runs. That we only did once. One was a little bit steeper than the other one I usually was on the most. The other run had some jumps on it. Tommy went off one of the jumps but he did not stick the jump. I had lots of fun skiing today.
Jan 27 2008
Today we went on a butiful train ride. We passed a little town covered in snow. We saw some crops in the town the crops were covered in snow. The train was 1 and a haf hours. We saw lots of prity mountains along the way. We went thru lots of tunnels to get thru the mountins. We were heading to a city still in Japan. It was cald Kyoto. I was watching my IPod part of the time then I stoped watching my IPOD and I looked out the window the rest of the way.  it was a nice train ride.
Jan 13 2008
Today we went on a boat ride. Thare was towers sticking out of the water. The boat ride was 45 minits. We were going to a beach called Railay beach. It is a vary pretty beach. We are staying here for 1 week. The hotel’s name is Railay Bay. It is nice hotel. We went swimming in the pool. Thay had a pool thare too. It was a nice pool.   We did schooling too. I had a nice time in the pool.
Jan 14, 2008
Today we went swimming in the pool. We met some kids in the pool. They were nice kids. The boys went rock climing on a clif. Mom and I stayed at the hotel swimming. The boys said that the clim was way too hard for me but I still had a good time at the pool.
Jan 15 2008
Today we went snorciling (snorkeling) for Tommy’s birthday. We saw a eal. We did not know wat kind of eal it was. We saw some clown fish. It was in a sea aneminy. Tommy got stung by either a jellyfish or a stinging nettle. I kept on getting these little stings. I did not know wat it was. It was rilly cool and pretty. Thare was a iland called chicken ilan. I don’t remember the names of the other 3 ilands. Thare were some rilly cool fish. I had a great time snorculing. 
Joey got Tommy a laser pointer, Transformers and sherk 1 on DVD . Mom and dad got Tommy some socs and the Simpsons movie. I got Tommy a shirt with bart on it. At diner mom and dad gave Tommy a tiket to get a bow and arrow set.
Jan 16 2008
Today we went swimming in the pool. Thare was a little kittin at breakfast the kittin was nersing. The kittin was cute. We had lots of fun at the pool. We were playing with a ball at the pool. Then we came back to the room and did schooling. We are going to watch shrek 1 in a fue minits. I had a fun time swimming at the pool and looking at the kittin nersing. I had a fun day.
Jan 18 2008
Today we took a 15 min boat ride to a beach called aonang beach. Then we took a 2 hour car ride to the airport hotel. It is a vary nice hotel. They have a pool and a pool tadle. Tomorrow we are leaveing Thailand. Right now it is poring rain. The pool has some floaties. We went swimming in the pool today. I had fun today. I was bored in the car. The simpsonss movie was on TV. Shrek 3 was on TV too. I like the Simpsons movie and shrek 3 a lot. They are good shoes. I had a fun time watching the Simpsons movie and watching shrek 3.
Jan 9, 2008
Today we want on a boat ride to chang rai. We stoped at the hot springs on the way to chiang rai and se stop at a elphint camp to eat lunch. The eliphint tried to grab Joey’s ice cream. We had a good driver. It was a rilly pretty boat drive. We stopped at a little vilige to.   The boat ride was smooth. Tthe boat ride was 4 hours. The montins were rilly pretty. The motor on our boat was noisy but the boat ride was still good.
The ten things we saw on the boat rip
1.       We saw little viligis along the way
2.        We saw corn crops along the way
Jan 10, 2008
Today we went to a long neck vilig. We had these two little 7 year old girls as our tour gides. The long neck hill tribe vilig women wore bras rings around their neck. There was a strange kind of swing that I couldn’t describe. Thare were these 4 little 1 day old puppys nersing. I got to hold one of the puppys. Thay were so cute. Then we saw a song that thay were playing. Then we went to a temple and looked at Berma. Thare was a cute little puppy with a owner she was so cute. Berma was rilly pritty. I had a good day at the long neck vilig and the temple and looking at Berma.

(a series of entries from Thailand )

January 2, 2008

A fyeu days ago we went to a tiger camp.  I got to sit on a tiger.  Joey got a tiger's head put on his lap and I got to lay next to a tiger.  thare was a 9 month year old tiger thare.  I got to pet him.

A munk just picked me up and took me up close to the tigers.

We had a good time at the tiger camp.  then we took a 3 hour train ride back to bankok.  I liked bankok a lot. I hope we go to bankok agin.

Jan. 5, 2008

Today we want to a zoo in Chaingmai.  We got to fed girafs.  It was rilay fun.  Then we saw ostrig eggs. They were relly big. 35 chikin eggs wood be an ostrig egg.  

Next we saw the Pandas.  A panda was siting on a chair he was siting like we sit.  The pandas were one of my favrit animals at the zoo.  My other 3 favrot anomils were the otters, the monkeys and the giraffs.  I had alot of fun at the zoo.

Jan 6

Today we went to mass.  It was a pritty church.  Then we went back to the hotel and did schooling for 2 hours.

After we did schooling we went swimming.  I didn't go swimming because the water was to cold for me.

Then we went back to the room and watched t.v.  Ice age 2 was on.  Ice age 2 is a good sho.

It was a nice day doing nothing besides going to mass and doing schooling.

Jan 7, 2008

Today we went to a elphint camp.  It was rilly cool.  First the elphints hooked together with their truncs.  Then they played harmonicus and danced.  they played soccer, darts , and they painted. 

It was rilly amasing. 

then we went to a monkey camp.  we got to feed the monkeys and thare was a monkey show.  At the show thare was a monkey rideing bikes.  The monkey drank diet coke from a straw and a monkey dived in to the water and got a watch from the botem.  it was a rilly good show.  I hope we go thare agin some time.

Jan 8, 2008

Today we were going to go to the long neck vilage.  But we did not go thare because it was to much bot (Dad's note: "bhat" is the currency in thailand).

Then we drove to lunch.  I had cashu chickin.  It was rilly good.  then Joey got a hare cut rite across the street.

We went to a cave that was pritty.  Thare was some statchues of booda.

the we went tot he hot springs.  the boys stayed in the hot springs and the sonna.  But mom and I went and got a great masage.  It liked it beter than our Turkish bath.  The girls at the turkish bath were cranky.  The masage was great.

Dec 20

Today we want to a palis.  It was pritty becuse thar where lots of pritty pantings.  We went to the ralway meseum. thar was a trak switcher rite next to the museum that was a train stashin. It was really cool becus you got to go in every train. We went to subway for lunch. then we went toa betufil church and a orfunage.

the orfunage had 43 chilrin.  We met 2 sisters that were really nice.
Yesterday we ate at subway and we stade home playing games

We are staying at one of my dad's friend's house.  thay have a nice house.  That day was a travel day.  We took a one and a half car ride to the aport.  Then we took a 1 hour plane ride and a 2 hour car ride over then we came to their house it was a ahrd day with traveling
Dec 13, 2007

Today we had to get up at 7:30 am to catch a taxi.  Aur taxi ride was 2 and a half hours.  We got a houseboat for two days.  Today we saw a lot of birds.  3 lizards got in our houseboat thay kept on eating all the bugs.  the boat ride was really pretty because there was palm trees everywhere.  we are cruising the backwaters in Kerala India.  we are heading to cochin.

The 10 things we saw on the boat trip in India
1. we saw a bird whith a long neck.  He was balck
2. I saw people doing laundry
3. We saw people doing dishes to
4. they were washing themselves
5. We saw lots of boats that were school buses
6. We saw lots of huts along the river
7. We saw a persoun fishing in a canoe
8. We saw somekids walking to school in their uniforms
9  We saw a pretty church that was blue
10.  We saw some crazy school boys at recess
Dec. 1, 2007

today we want on a hike at Cappadocia.  Cappadocia is a place where pepole dig to make houses. thay carve the houses in this rock 60 million years ago. it was cool because of the shapes of the rocks.  the hike was hard to get up and down the hill. thare was a little skinny tunnel that mom and Tommy went in.  thay thought it was cool. We had lots of fun at cappadocia
Cami joins Ataturk in Topkapi park
Cami joins Ataturk in Topkapi park
 November 26, 2007
    We went to topkaki Palis.  that nite we went to the terkish bath. it was boring.  the girls were mad at ech other.  the tercich bath is a place where pepole get a mososh and their hare washed to. 
    Dad and Joey went on a boat rid why tommy, mom and I stade home.  The next day the boys went to troy and Gliply.  Mom and I stade home.  the next day we went shopping with some frends tat we met on the trip.  all we bot were theese things to scrub your boty.  and the next day we flay to Bodrom. today we took a walk around and we did schooling
Cami atop the ruins of Pompeii
Cami atop the ruins of Pompeii
November 3, 2007

Yesterday we went to Pompa a city that got destroyed by a volcano.  I thot it was really cool.  It was really cool because that was bred still in the uvin.

We went to a relly good resteront named alimentary.  

At the apartment that we are staying at there is a weener dog thats going to havy baby dogs with her husband her ant and her sister.  We had a 5 minute of a walk to the car evbree day we walked to the car and back to the apartmint we wood see a husky he wood grab your hand with his mouth.  It was a grat plase.  My mom almost lost her purse but it was in the internet cafe.

In Srento thar was twistee roads and small roads. We had a rele big car too. my dad hated the driving so mutch he almost thru the G.P.S. in the river.

 after Srento we flew to Sloveeno.  In sloveeno we went to the postojna cave.  We took a trane throo the cave and week took a tooer throo the cave bay walk throo the cave to. 

Rite now we are in Turkeee.  Today we went to a cistearn.  it si a under grund place where pepole wod get there water and fish.  And we went to a church that was vary pritty. 

I met a vary nice girl that was a security gard for the church.  Yesterday we went to the blue Mosque. It is a plase ware the tercish people prae.  It was prity.  We had to take are shoos off.  That night we went to a basketball game.  The crowd whas goig wild when the ball went in the hoop.  the team we wer ruting for won.  Today we walked across a real cool bridge was cool because people were fishing off the bridge. thay had really big pols and all they were cathing ere theee little fish that were bite size.
With Mr. Azzara in front of Mt. St. Michael
With Mr. Azzara in front of Mt. St. Michael
October 30, 2007

I loved the art museum.  we all picked a painting or statue.  I picked the venus de milo.  tommy's was winged victory and joeys was the Mona leesa.  The boys went to the army museum and mom and I staed home then we went to the Ifull tower.

 then we drove to Normandy . We stade at a farm.  The next day we went to the Utah beach.  Then we went to Poynt Dew hok.  The next day we went runing on the horse track. There were horses on the inside of the track. I ran 4 laps, tommy ran 5 laps.  Joey ran 4 laps and dad ran 5 laps.  the next day we watched the cows get milked by a musheen.  that with the mom cows thar was a new born baby calf

Carrying water the Tanzanian way
Carrying water the Tanzanian way
October 2, 2007

You should go on a safari because it is really cool.  If you look close enough you could see lions, giraffes and spott hyena and lots more.  My favorite animal was the baby lions.  the biggest animal I saw was a elephand and a hippo.  the smallest animal was the baby baboon.

Our next few days we saw a serval cat kill a rat.  he slurped up the rats tail.

 and a leopard in a tree and a cheetah in a tree.  We saw elephant, giraffs anda zebra in the crater and all of the big 5.  A lion, rhino, leopard, cape buffalo and a elephant. The first 6 nites we staed in a tent, the next nite in dubar we went to the wild woty park.  I went on the biggest slide and I went to the kids zone and I went on slides.  In the kids zone I went on the lasy river ride and the wave pool.

Rite now we are at paris  Yesterday we went to the most fames churches in Paris.  Today we are going to the art museum.

In England, all swans belong to the queen!
In England, all swans belong to the queen!
September 22, 2007


In london, we saw the Tower of London.  We saw the church at the tower and the torture room.

In York, we saw castle museums, little trains and big trains. We did brass rubbing.  I did a horse, Joey did a dragon, tommy did a Griffin and mom did Shakespeare.

in Bath, we stayed at Tracy and Mikes.  We got to pet her horse.
with the balto statue Central Park
with the balto statue Central Park
Mary Poppins
A review by Cami Boesch
September 8, 2007
            My review is about the musical Mary Poppins. I saw the play in New York City on September 6th at the New Amsterdam theatre.
            In a play, people act in front of a crowd and they play different roles. In a musical there is a lot of singing.
            Mary Poppins rides around on an umbrella. She is a nanny for the Banks family. Most nannies calm the kids down but Mary Poppins takes them out for fun. Mary Poppins took them to the park and then they played around in the kids room. Mr. Banks didn’t play with the kids at first, but at the end he played with them
            I liked Mary Poppins a lot. I liked the music and the settings. I liked when she flew over the crowd with her umbrella. Mary Poppins is a very good musical

Cami waterskiing with the Grimes, Knoxville Tennessee
Cami waterskiing with the Grimes, Knoxville Tennessee

Cami’s journal


A few weeks ago, I went waterskiing, kneeboarding and tubing with the Grimes in Knoxville Tennessee.  Our next stop was to see Matthew Brocious jump.  The boys and I made signs for Matthew’s jumping.


Our next stop was Indianapolis.  We saw the little baby bunnies in the front yard of Aunt Judy and Uncle Bills.  We went to a very cool water park and we went fishing.  We caught a lot of fish.


In Pittsburgh, we saw the Spearmans and the Gunns.  The Spearmans had a cute dog named Spencer.


Now we are in Cook’s Forest Pennsylvania visiting Uncle Frank and Aunt Shirley.  Today we went tubing down a river and then we rode go carts.  I saw a momma bear and two babies-the little baby bear was stuck on a tree.  Tonight I hit lots of baseballs very hard.  Tomorrow at 10, we are going horse back riding.

Cami at the Vermont State Fair
Cami at the Vermont State Fair
August 27, 2007
Yesterday afternoon I went to the Vermont state fair.  At the fair, the boys and the girls split up.  the boys went on the roller coasters.  The girls went to see the animals.  We saw cows, chickens, horses and lots more.  I went on the merry-go-round too and th frog.  My dad went with the girls and so he saw the animals too.
After the blue man group show in chicago
After the blue man group show in chicago

A few days ago we went to six flags for Joey's birthday.  It was a really fun day.  

We visited my grandma and grandpa in Idaho.  We went to the pool and it was a really fun time.

Then we went to visit cousin Brian.  They have two kids and one baby.  I had a very nice time.

then we went to visit Aunt Dee and uncle Gene and their  bird whose name is "good girl". then we came to visit my new friend Dr. Joe Gunn in St. Louis Missouri

I like the trip so far

I am most looking forward to going to Africa and seeing all the animals especially the lions. and the elephants.but  I am mostly looking forward to seeing the lions.

We  are  gong  to  carry  light  handid.

Q:  What do you most want to see and do in the United States?

the  Statue of Liberty.

Q:What do you plan to see and learn on this trip?

I want to see a lion and I plan to learn how  to  surf in Australia.

Q: At the end of the trip, do you think you will still want to live in Arizona after all the amazing places you have seen?

I    might
want to
Jan 30, 2008
Today my mom and I stayed home watching nanny mcfey and shrek. Then my mom and I went to the Kmart and Kohls. I sat in the cart the hole time. We were probably at the Kmart and Kohls for 1 and a haf hours. We went to the wine shop too. I was bored at the stores the boys went serfing while my mom and I went shopping. The boys had lots of fun serfing. I like Astralea a lot so far. Than we came home and did some schooling and had some dinner. We had torteliny for dinner. Right now we are going to watch the incredubles. I had fun watching the movies today and going to the store.