Dominic Bossone teaches the kids how to make pizza.  Squan tavern Restaurant, Manasquan new Jersey
Dominic Bossone teaches the kids how to make pizza. Squan tavern Restaurant, Manasquan new Jersey


Pizza results:
Some things can be made just as delicious at home as in a restaurant,
but pizza is not one of them. To create a truly great pizza requires not only great ingredients but a dedicated pizza oven. Having traveled the entire world on a quest for the greatest pizza, I can now confidently say that the greatest pizza on earthis made right here in America. We tried pizza in every country we visited (except Dubai). Pizza in other countries tends to be low on sauce and skimpy on ingredients
hence only two international pizzas made the list.
1. Gino’s pizza (pepperoni and mushroom), Chicago. Cornbread-type crust that is unique and just incredible. Tangy sauce, good cheese. They didn’t skimp on the ingredients.
2. Squan Tavern, Manasquan, New Jersey. Meatball and mushroom pizza. Tastiest meatballs on earth perfectly spiced and baked instead of fried so they are not in the least bit greasy. Sliced thin on top of good sauce and thin crust.
3. Turoni’s pizza, Evansville, Indiana. Best thin crust ever—mediocre sauce (not tart enough).
4. Imo’s Pizza, St. Louis (pepperoni and bacon). My mouth waters just thinking about it. Thin, crisp crust; provel cheese (is there anywhere but St. Louis that has provel?); and bacon does not mean bacon bits, it means big slices of bacon cooked along with the pizza.
5. Basbeaux’s pizza, Broadripple, Indiana. Quatto formaggio with bacon and mushroom. Eclectic but delicious—riccotta cheese and bacon, a great combination.
6. Pizzeria: Pan Pan. Dormelletto, Italy. Salami and extra cheese, extra sauce. Wood-fired, thin-crust pizza, excellent flavor. We added the extra cheese and sauce when we returned to the restaurant the second time and continued to request this whenever ordering pizza in Italy.
7. Waterfront Pizza, Port Townsend, Washington. Coppa and sun-dried tomatoes. Great sourdough crust, tangy sauce, and a large helping of ingredients.
8. Pizzeria Del Mundo, Bariloche, Argentina. Ham and cheese pizza—delicious cured ham and tart sauce make this a winner.
9. Hell Pizza, Christchurch, New Zealand. Mushroom pizza (it was Friday during lent so we didn’t have any meat toppings). Excellent crust.
10. Pizzedelic Cartier. Quebec City, Canada. LeGarnier pizza: cappicola,
mushrooms, green peppers. One of Tommy’s favorites. Great sauce.